Self Care & Home Programs

Self care and home programs are an important part of your rehabilitation plan. Your physiotherapist will tailor a program specifically for you based on your preferences, goals, and needs.

Self-efficacy and the knowledge, skills, and tools to be able to manage and promote your own health is our ultimate goal.

Your home exercise program is designed to maintain and enhance the work that is being done with your therapist in your treatment sessions and is absolutely vital to your success! Physio does not work, unless you do!


It can be hard to be motivated with just a sheet of exercises, or confusing when you get home and forget how to do the exercises. At The Yellow Room, we use a two tier process to ensure your success:

  • Demonstration of all your exercises during each visit with the physiotherapist
  • Video or audio files sent to you at home so you can follow along or check your form throughout the week